After a few different bike trips over the past 5 years, I have changed and optimized my set up many times. On every journey I learn something new and make small or big adjustments. It’s always a process. Finding new gear, testing different things and adapting on the go is part of the bikepacking fun. With this article I want to share with you my equipment highlights and go into more detail on what I find useful on long trips.

Just recently I have set off on my biggest adventure so far with a completely new bike, new bags and a partly new camping set up. My highlights may be an inspiration for you and your set up. All of these products are my personal recommendations. Feel free to ask any questions! The links in this article are affiliate links. Any purchase through these links will support me a little bit while it does not cost you anything additionally.

NO 1 GAMECHANGER: Wilier Triestina Adlar // gravel bike with integrated rack & dynamo

First things first: the bike. I love my new bike. For one because it is light and very robust – the best bike for bikepacking I have had so far. I was very lucky to be able to put it together just the way I wanted it. With a 1 x 12 Shimano Deore XT group set (32T/10-52T) I can ride up steep hills with a loaded bike. The flat handlebar gives me extra control on technical roads and allows me to fill up my handlebar pack. The bike has custom racks that you can buy in a bundle with it. The weight of the bags are loaded onto the thru axles that pass through the frame and fork. This was done to reduce any structural stress on the Adlar. I chose the integrated rear rack which can carry up to 25 kg of luggage. Other fixing points on the bike (there are plenty) offer many options for installing a third bottle holder, a lock or a tool bag.

One big win for me: the SON 28 dynamo in the front wheel in combination with the Supernova M99 DY Pro and the cinq plug 5 USB C charger. This allows me to charge my phone, Wahoo Roam or GoPro on the go or light my way at night. If you are looking for a solution with a dynamo for yourself, make sure to plan in some extra time and a visit your local bike mechanic for advice. This system needs a switch to regulate between light and charging as the dynamo only does one thing at a time. Thanks to special help from Supernova's bike mechanics/electricians and their 3D printer we got a solution to make the light system and the charging system work. It is not a standard upgrade but a special custom add-on for us. If you are looking for the same bike, note that the Adlar is also available with a dropbar and other gravel group sets.

Heads up! Check out FahrradXXL for a special offer. With the code Wiebke5 you can save 5% on this bike and all other Wilier Triestina bikes (valid from November 1st until November 30th, 2023). 
Read more about the Adlar here.

My Adlar cockpit with flatcar, supernova lights and ORTLIEB bags My Adlar cockpit with flatbar, supernova lights and ORTLIEB bags


For a long trip where I expect to sleep most of the time outside in my tent, I wanted to make some new purchases which I am very happy about so far. I “pimped” my sleeping set up for more comfort and a more versatile set up because of the changing temperatures.

On past trips I have focussed on weight more and used my puffy jacket as a pillow. Now it's time for quality sleep - aka having my own real pillow. I would not give this up again! I chose the Cocoon Air Core Ultralight Pillow and I can already feel the difference in increased sleep quality. Highly recommend! Also my new Cocoon cotton inlay makes my sleeping bag even cozier and adds about 4 degrees comfort temperature. I like how the cotton feels on my skin and when the nights are warm, I use it without my sleeping bag as a blanket. Another big game changer for me is also my new tent. I now upgraded to the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent (2 person) which is light (<2kg) and super easy to build up. It is a stand-alone tent, it is big enough for 2 people and spacious for just one. Looking forward to using it many more nights outdoors!

NO 3 GAMECHANGER: Period underwear

Many women have recommended it to me and it’s true. Period underwear makes the perfect addition to my "period set up". The menstruation cup, which I have been using now for over a year, and the underwear is a perfect combination. This upgrade means no more period waste and I save some weight and space in my bags. I do not need any tampons or slip inserts anymore, neither during the day nor at night. For me wearing period underpants at night as an addition to my menstruation cup gives me lots of safety and a good feeling at night. Also cycling in the period underwear is not too bad either (hehe).

NO 4 GAMECHANGER: ORTLIEB backroller bags mixed with bikepacking bags

First of all, ORTLIEB has been my first choice of bags from day one and I wouldn’t want to change to any other brand. They are sustainable, made in Germany & 100 % waterproof.  On the current trip I ride with the Backroller Plus which have two additional rolltop pockets on the sides for extra space – they will be launched soon!

I can highly recommend ORTLIEB panniers in combination with some additional bikepacking bags. Also, I now use the packing cubes to organize my clothing. It's great to be able to separate clothes and I wouldn't want to miss this in my big bags. For day-to-day riding I organize my powerbank, snacks and wallet in my  accessory pack (3,5l)  just above my handlebar pack (9l). 


Last but not least: My aeropress is the game changer for more fun and good quality coffee on the go. It's a light espresso machine for delicious coffee on campgrounds. For two people especially, starting the day with a good coffee has truly increased our overall happiness. Celebrating our life outdoors and making it even better with this simple asset is wonderful. 

So treat yourself to something that helps you enjoy life on the bike more. Finding new and individual gamechangers is great. Whether it is a pillow for camping, a new bikepacking bag or just a period panty, sometimes one new item brings much joy to your adventure. I hope that my 5 equipment highlights give you some inspiration for your next trip, may be an idea for a gift for a bikepacking friend or something for your Christmas wish list. 

Feel free to check out my former packlist to find out what else I got inside my bags here. Let me know what else would be interesting to you and what question remain! You can reach me via email (hello(at)wiebklueh.de) or Instagram direct messages :) Enjoy your next adventure and see you out there! 

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All photos by Fabienne Engel.